Three Little Words

In 2016 I was asked to choose the three 'little' words which inspire me. The words I chose were (and remain) breathe, nurture and dream.

These words are how I remind myself to focus on the important things in my life as I balance my health (mental and physical), family caring responsibilities and creative practice.

In practical parenting terms they are my mantra in challenging situations, reminding me to breathe in deep and foster possibilities over problems whenever I can.

These are also the words which guide my creative practice as I seek out projects which allow my creativity to breathe intuitively, nurturing the dreams for which I don't have a spoken language.

And these are the words which take me out of myself, encouraging me to go for long walks, to dig my hands into the garden, to nurture the creative communities which sustain me; reconnecting my inner spirit to the sensory world which surrounds me.