Creative Carers

Creative Carer logo of an adult and child sharing a high-5

One of the reasons the Naïve art tradition appeals to me is its idea that anyone can make art and that no special training is required. In effect, the only obstacles to expressing your unique voice and your your daily concerns through art, are the time and energy you have available to put into your work.

This accessibility and the joyful creativity that working in a naïve tradition brought to my own work, coupled with my experiences of being the primary Carer for my son who has social-communication difficulties related to Autism, inspired me to start running Creative Carers art classes in 2014.

Creative Carer activities provide simple art and making activities, suitable for all ages and adapted for all abilities, in a safe space for Carers wanting to reconnect with old hobbies or wanting to try something new in a supportive environment. From very basic mark making to developing more advanced skills through experimentation, activities are primarily about exploring media and building creative confidence.

Originally established as a weekly art class, I now run Creative Carer activities on demand for local Carer groups and council run Carer Pamper days. 

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