Artist Statement

My works are full of characters pursuing unknowable quests through fantasy landscapes inspired by my own desire to explore the world and better understand myself. From interpreting local landmarks to imagining entirely new dreamscapes I paint the world as I sense it might be, full of animal spirits, hidden symmetries and unexpected meanings. Some works are narrative in nature, but others are simply moments in time which remind me to look up, watch the stars, listen to my intuition, and follow my own path.

Working in a naïve style allows me to play with simple planes of perspective,  indulge myself in details and focus my attention on metaphors over realism, inviting wonder from observation. I love painting on glass as it is a transformational process which turns ordinary window panes into richly detailed looking glass worlds infused with the vibrant colours of my pigments as they first emerged from the paint tube.

From signing my name backwards to adding in the final touch of background colour at the edge, paintings take me months and sometimes years to finish. The slowness of the process has become an important aspect of my practice as it relies on me being fully present in the moment, requires me to let go of conscious control, and reminds me how small steps are important to achieving ambitious projects.