Šestine to Dolac

PLEASE ENQUIRE. This work is out for exhibition or has specialist shipping requirements. Please contact me for more details.

Original Painting on Glass

A 50cm x 70cm original reverse oil painting on 4 mm glass featuring the Medvednica mountains that rise behind Zagreb. The bears are a play on the Croatian word for bear, medvjed, and the bear kings and queens I that imagine might make the Medvedgrad castle their home if they were ever given the chance. This painting also features (clockwise from the left) the blue roofed church of Šestine, the Medvedgrad castle visible from the same church, another church on Tkalčićeva (the street of a hundred cafes), and the red, rainbow-edged umbrellas which dominate the Dolac fruit and veg market in the centre of Zagreb.

This painting is available as an A2 Fine Art Print.

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