UPDATE Crowdfunding Fabrica: Jehane, Instagram and Me


I made it! 

Following my last blog post on Crowdfunding Fabrica: Jehane, Instagram and Me I finally made a visit to Fabrica gallery! Even making it in time to see the David Shrigley Life Model II exhibition, installation and studio space. Along the back wall you can see a small portion of the hundreds of figure drawings that visitors to Life Model II made during this year's Brighton Festival, turning this exhibition of a sculpture into an interactive installation and working art studio. 

100 of the drawings from this part of the model's journey, will now be selected to travel with her to other parts of the UK so keep your eyes peeled as she might just be coming your way soon! 

For better insight into how this project turns the whole life drawing thing on it's head, I'd also recommend watching David Shrigley on Life Model II

Thank you to everyone who couldn't believe I'd never been to Fabrica and who ensured I got there in the end. It was definitely the first of many visits as I can't wait to go back again ;) 

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