Naive Artists In Conversation: Silvena Toncheva & Melanie Hodge

Melanie (a white woman with long hair tied back in a ponytail and wearing glasses) is in the main picture with paintings and prints of her work in the background. A small inset box on the lower right shows Silvena (a white woman with blond hair hanging loose) against a cream background.

In late 2020 I was introduced to fellow Association of British Naive Artists (ABNA) member Silvena Toncheva by my good friend (and another ABNA member) Jan Phethean. Being a national organisation, ABNA has many far flung members (not to mention being in 2020 still) and Silvena wanted to get to know us all a bit better - so she started a regular series of Zoom interviews where she gets to meet us and ask us questions about our work and practices. 

You can watch the video of her conversation with me and find a typed version of our Q&A here: In Conversation with Melanie Hodge

For more of Silvena's interviews please click here - and be sure to catch her byline "professional soul-catcher" as it's a beautiful way of describing her portfolio of work: including vibrant watercolour paintings, richly hued photographs, and (of course) inquisitive artist interviews. 

If you're on Instagram and would like to follow the ABNA Instagram page, also managed by Silvena, please look us up at @BritishNaives

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