Interview with Nasrin Golden for Healing Heartistry Podcast


In June 2021 I was invited to speak with Nasrin Golden for her podcast series 'Healing Heartistry.' She asked about how I balanced caring with my art practice, the way my paintings relate to the naive, outsider, and folk art traditions, and my recent relaunch of Creative Carers. 

You can listen to our conversation at Healing Heartistry Podcast Melanie Hodge or listen and watch via the YouTube video here.

The podcast series explores healing, authenticity, and art through conversations between practicing artists. As Nasrin says on the website 

The 'Healing Heartistry podcast is a conversation with artists related to Healing, Authenticity and Art. In these series we explore: How to find spiritual direction, wisdom and healing through making art. Integrating meditative awareness into the art making process. What is non-judgmental art. Surrendering and letting go of control through drawing.'

You can find more podcasts and blogs on these themes online at Healing Heartistry and more about Nasrin's own work here


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