Rendezvous West Dean Triptych: Exhibition and Artist Talk at West Dean

As part of the Outside In Exploring Collections Course at West Dean College this spring I was expected to create new work in response to my research. 

I thought I'd aim small. That's famous last words kind of thinking though, isn't it?

Indeed it is. 

So here is my new work / work in progress at the end of the course and study period combined: a triptych under construction.

The first panel is called Muse of Abundance, the last Goddess of the Pools. Both will be exhibited as works in progress with their original sketches as pictured below. The central panel, finished just in time to be exhibited in its full glory, gives its name to the entire triptych: Rendezvous West Dean.  

They shall be on display at West Dean College of Arts and Conservation 19 August - 8 October, 2019, alongside works by my fellow course participants. 

On the final evening we will be giving presentations about our research at the College and in the Edward James Archive, and the work that resulted from our curiosity. 

The exhibition will only be accessible to the public on the evening of the presentations so if you'd like to see it in situ and hear us talk about our work, please follow the booking link here.  

Note that tickets are free but limited. 

For more about my experiences on the course you may  

 You may also order the completed central painting as

an A2 Fine Art Print 

a pack of greeting cards


Rendezvous West Dean, panel 1 / Muse of Abundance

Rendezvous West Dean, panel 3 / Goddess of the Pools

For the central panel please visit Rendezvous West Dean


And ...

the whole triptych in my studio awaiting transport to West Dean. It's a terrible photograph of absolutely exquisite framing by A-Frame in Brighton. The double painting construction causing headaches with variable glass dimensions, static lint between the glass panes, and double the the air gaps to prevent the oil paint from sticking to the backing board and causing future damage. It's a feat of engineering and preventative conservation that the photos really don't show off. 

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