West Dean College of Arts and Crafts - Exhibition of Work in Progress

Collage work inspired by Carrington, Magritte, Dali copyright MJHodge

"The future is asking, Are you really Syrious?" original work by Melanie Hodge inspired by Leonora Carrington, Rene Magritte, Salvador Dali & Edward James

As part of my Step Up course with Outside In at the West Dean College of Arts and Crafts I exhibited work in progress at the West Dean Open Weekend 31 May - 2 June. 

Featured were a series of reflections and responses I've put together from my research so far, a small reproduction of the above collage work, and an original work on glass only partially completed (pictured below). I'm hoping to have the glass painting finished for a second West Dean exhibition in early autumn. It's part of of a proposed triptych I'm creating as a response to my research, working title "Rendezvous West Dean."

Honestly I was going to keep my expectations manageable and realistic ... but when the muse comes calling, the muse likes to think big! We'll see how far I get ...


View of work in progress, part of triptych 'Rendezvous West Dean' copyright MJHodge

Approximately 10 hours of painting time



After 25 hours painting time, framed temporarily for the Open Weekend exhibition.


Detail with shadows

All images © MJHodge

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