Artists Open Houses @TheClaremont in Hove

Melanie standing with her painting 'Untethered' at the Claremont
It's that time of year again in Brighton and Hove!
The Artists Open Houses launch this week with a series of Private Views to celebrate the work has been made, delivered, and hung before Saturday arrives. This is me next to "Untethered" which is now on display in one of the bedrooms of The Claremont Hotel in Hove. It's a gorgeous room, made even better by double vision of my work in a mirrored wardrobe. 
Double vision of Untethered, on the wall and in a mirrored wardrobe
Downstairs, along the staircase, throughout the hotel, and in the garden, original works and limited edition prints from over 30 artists fill every available space. This hotel/ gallery is open for public viewing every weekend of May, including the Bank Holiday Mondays (note the Hove trail is the only trail with Monday openings this month!) and by appointment. Fancy a bit of refreshment along the way and you can even call ahead to order a Vintage Afternoon Tea
This year's event also sees the launch of my first Gilt Butterfly collection.
Two of my gilt butterfly paintings displayed along the hotel's staircase
View the whole collection online here. If one of them catches your fancy but you can't make it to The Claremont yourself, let me know and I am happy to organise sales and shipping on your behalf.  
If you can make it though, this weekend is looking to be warm, dry and warm. Perfect for a seaside outing (did I mention the hotel is half a block from the sea?) and you can always buy a souvenir to bring the seaside into your home!
Views of Brighton by several artists on display at The Claremont Hotel
The top centre view of Brighton Pavilion with stars is one of my original reverse glass paintings, with prints also available for those who like to travel light ;)

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